Welcome To The Home of Kennith B. Inge

The Kinge.

Hey everyone, welcome to my site. This will serve as my hub for all things that are Ken. This is my safe haven for my ADD which is real! I am involved in a multitude of projecst online including Dead End Sports and Dead End Hip Hop. I have a new series that I am working on for my channel which I hope to launch real soon.

Dead End Hip Hop

Dead End Hip Hop (deadendhiphop.com) is fostering a community around the culture of hip hop ranging from the underground to the mainstream. Check out the channel and subscribe: youtube.com/deadendhiphop

Dead End Sports

Dead End Sports (deadendsports.com) is the place where sports opinions collide. The show airs Tuesday nights from 9pm-11pm EST on blogtalkradio.cm/deadendsports. Subscribe to the YouTube channel: youtube.com/deadendsports.